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Write-On Tip: Some ways to get rid of all of those extra superfluous words.

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This is a simple but oft overlooked tip: Get rid of superfluous words, meaning those that are not needed and can be removed. If they don’t enhance the meaning, get rid of them!

If you’re not sure about a word, the litmus test is simple: Take it out, and if the meaning of the phrase does not significantly change, leave it out.

Worst offenders?

all of








help to

try to

the one


­Ÿ> Following this rule, I shortened the title of this blog from 14 words to 5: Get rid of superfluous words.

> Doing crossword puzzles will help to improve your cognition,

changes to,

Crossword puzzles improve your cognition.

> This is the one section that needs clarification, changes to,

This section needs clarification.

Your goal is clarity and brevity. Get to the point, and your writing will feel light and clean—making you a confident writer! Please share this tip with the young people in your life, as it will enhance their essay writing.

Happy writing, and stop back soon!


[This great picture doesn't have anything to do with writing and editing, but it's 90+ degrees outside, and you may enjoy it! I’ve decided my photos should not be BOR-ING; let’s celebrate the Arts!]

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